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Valentine’s is one of my favorite holidays and YEAH is nearby. But what about this year? What can we do? We are in a middle of a crisis, in the midst of a global pandemic. Other years, we seriously was in the process of planning and coordinating ideas, but this year? 

Just because we’re pretty much confined to our homes doesn’t mean the holiday has to be any less special. There is a bunch of options we can do from our home, socially-distant which can be really fun! 

We can prepare a special meal for us and our Valentine, try new recipes ideas, drink your fab wine and of course don’t forget your favorite dessert! Put on your loved outfit, layer up your fav jewelry and go for it! 

You don’t have to feel alone if you don’t have a boyfriend to celebrate this special day. You can have a “treat yourself” afternoon. Buy your favorite meal, do a “spa” only for you, consider a Hydrating mask or a brightening yogurt facial mask to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Put your pjs, grab a glass of wine and relax in your couch watching your fav series on Netflix. Create an opportunity to celebrate the love you have for yourself. 

Sometimes, we don’t have to make big plans to have fun and celebrate. Cosy and intimate moments are the ones that will stay in our heart for ever! I know it might sound so simple, but still cute and romantic! 

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