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Sterling silver, made of 92.5% silver, 7.5% other metal alloys (usually copper), brings the tradition of luxurious silver to jewelry.

There are some myths around silver. Some people believe that sterling silver is too expensive or its not good quality because it’s not pure gold or considered “fine jewelry”. 

We are going to dispel those myths by explaining why you should invest in sterling silver NOW.


    Keeping up with fashion and trends can be sometimes exhausting. But if you want to always follow trends, be sure to have sterling silver jewelry in your wardrobe and your jewelry box. Sterling silver is always in style, is pretty popular. The latest styles in jewelry will always include sterling silver, even if the designs change. Even if, lately, gemstones and uncut minerals have become a staple of spring and summertime accessories, they are often set in Sterling silver. 

Silver is a soft metal, so it’s easy for jewelers to mold and experiment with silver. That means you’re sure to find a piece (or more) that fits your personal style. New designs are created all the time and innovation is constant.


Sterling Silver is a soft metal and is prone to scratching.  When taken care of correctly, sterling silver jewelry can last you a lifetime. Handle with care your sterling silver jewelry. When you buy sterling silver make sure that is hallmarked 925, .925, sterling, sterling silver. Many women avoid sterling silver because it tarnishes. All silver can tarnish with time, especially if it’s not worn often. The good news is that wearing your jewelry can actually help prevent tarnish. The oils on your skin ‘clean’ the metal, which means you don’t have to worry about that dirty look. If you take care of it correctly, you will have it forever! 


Sterling silver goes with everything. Oh yes, its true. Dressing up a casual dinner outfit? Silver. A business meeting? Silver. Going to a party or a gala? silver. You get the idea…Silver adds a classy touch to any look. You can wear sterling silver jewelry with a white gold or platinum piece and still create a look that is put together. 


Sterling silver jewelry doesn’t contain metal additions that can cause an allergic reaction. Unlike pieces that are made of nickel, brass, or other base metals. The metal addition to sterling silver is usually copper, which isn’t as likely to cause an allergic reaction. 

Especially for earrings, you may choose sterling silver and wear them without fear that a piercing will get infected. When you choose your jewelry, buy sterling silver with confidence. 

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